Chapel - Dr. Cyril Guerette

Cyril Guerette

As the COVID era continues, we see anxiety and mental health issues growing at an unprecedented rate.  How can we look at today's events from a God-perspective and allow Him to guide us through the storm?  In Psalm 139 we discover a God who knows intimate details of our lives and wants to walk through our circumstances with us.  This is a God who has led His people through many pandemics and cultural shifts throughout history, and who promises to be there for us even as despondency grows around us.  As He does so, He even uses us to bring light into the questions and confusion of our neighbours, offering an alternative to "the new normal" through a counter-cultural gospel movement.

Dr. Cyril Guerette, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies and Theology (Undergraduate Studies), will be our speaker this week and his message is entitled, “’Unprecedented’ & ‘The New Normal’: are these times that way to God?”.

Speaker: Cyril Guerette
Chapel Date: Tuesday October 27, 2020
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