Chapel - Dr. Andrew Witt

Dr. Andrew Witt

This week Dr. Andrew Witt, Assistant Professor of Old Testament (Undergraduate Studies), will be speaking. Andy’s message is entitled “A Hope Founded on What is Hopeful”.

He reflects, “’I will always have hope.’ Some days it is hard to say those words. This year has been tough; many of us have never felt so emotionally exhausted for such a sustained period of time. So how do we move forward in hope? What should we latch our hope onto? Join me as we consider King David's patient, enduring hope in Psalm 71, how that relates to the quickly approaching Advent season, and what it might teach us in our present moment.”

Andy will be entering his second year of full-time teaching at Tyndale this fall. Andy grew up in Pittsburgh, eventually making his way up to Toronto for doctoral studies at Wycliffe College. In his spare time he enjoys hiking in conservation areas and photography.

Speaker: Dr. Andrew Witt
Chapel Date: Tuesday November 17, 2020
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