The French language fascinates you, and you love the striking lyrical phrases that so eloquently describe life. Develop your ability to express yourself in French, and spend a semester immersed in the French language and culture.

Imagine experiencing the sights and sounds of life in a Francophone city while applying your language skills every day. Create lasting memories through your travel practicum, and deepen your aptitude and passion for French. Discover the richness of French-speaking cultures as you study Francophone literature and media. You can use courses from this minor as teachable credits towards a Bachelor of Education for a career as a French teacher.

Program Options

Minor (BA)

Interesting Courses

  • Introduction to French Literature and Media
  • Conversational French
  • French Travel Practicum
  • Professional French
  • Francophone Literature

For a start towards a possible career as a:

  • French Teacher
  • International Development Worker
  • French Interpreter
  • Bilingual Government Officer
  • Human Resources Officer
Professors invest in you personally and are committed to helping you achieve your career goals.