International Development

The Bachelor of Arts in International Development at Tyndale provides you with an invaluable opportunity to explore relevant global issues that involve social, economic and political factors as they relate to development. This program will equip you with a thorough understanding of subjects concerning poverty, inequality, conflict, social change and justice. You will be able to demonstrate familiarity with political, economic and cultural dimensions of development thinking, including their interrelationships. With the knowledge and experience you gain from this program, you will be prepared to engage in active solutions to common development problems experienced by communities in various contexts.

Alongside theoretical concepts, you will have the opportunity to gain practical experience in the field. Faculty will organize your internship with an international development agency and support you throughout the process. The option of minoring in business administration provides you with the practical tools you need to succeed in your career. Skills such as project management, team leadership, writing grant proposals, financial accounting and communications will broaden your opportunities after graduation, whether you are applying to graduate school or your first job.

Program Options

  • Major (BA)
  • Honours (BA)
  • Minor (BA)

Interesting Courses

  • Project Management & Evaluation
  • Operations and Humanitarian Assistance
  • Justice, Poverty and Theology
  • Cross-cultural Studies

Graduates are working as:

  • International Development Policy Analyst
  • Citizen Service Officer
  • Senior Manager, Major Gifts
  • Corporate Finance Project Lead
  • Corporate Development Coordinator
  • Partnerships Manager
“I will go into the workplace with not only academic knowledge of international development but also the practical skills from the internship.” – Kaitlyn Williams [BA 2018]