Philosophy - Christian Apologetics Concentration

You are part of a debate about what truth is and whether or not we have free will. As you present your thoughts, other students’ ideas build on yours, exposing you to a whole new perspective. This is not uncommon in a Tyndale philosophy class. You frequently participate in debates on relevant and controversial topics. The diverse views and ideas in the community keep the discussion lively and impactful.

The Philosophy department at Tyndale University College offers a range of courses, including Bioethics, Apologetics, and the Problem of Evil. Evaluate and analyze your thoughts and beliefs while studying both Christian and non-Christian philosophers to build a solid foundation. The critical reasoning skills you develop will open the door to a variety of career choices. Our faculty help you thrive both mentally and spiritually while you develop a Christian world view and grow in your faith and knowledge.

For a future career as a:

  • Lawyer
  • Professor
  • Pastor
  • High School Teacher
  • Advocate for the homeless

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Wayne Lott [BA Philosophy] successfully defended his PhD dissertation at Regis College, University of Toronto.

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“The professors taught me to love truth and to display compassion and respect for others while seeking it.” – Ryan Fritze [BA Philosophy]. Ryan is studying in the law program at Western University and is passionate about fighting against human trafficking.