Measuring Complexity in the Classroom (Chapter)

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By Elizabeth Green (Editors: J. Collier, T. George & K. Goodlet)
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Better Learning puts the learner centre stage. The 37 Australian and British contributors provide a variety of heads and hearts tools to assist educators to engage in a meaningful way with their charges. This leads all the way to student assessment in such challenging and significant areas as character formation. The backdrop to this trajectory is a strong cognitive structure and theological scaffold with engaging, relevant, informative and inspiring classroom adaptations. School Head, author and co-editor Tony George states the goal of such education as being “to create and foster an educational community of Christian wisdom in which our students may engage with their teachers and each other in the study of the various disciplines of their curriculum in order to construct a biblically informed coherent Christian worldview for the purpose of engaging wisely and knowledgeably in God’s world. Thus, we grow people; wise and knowledgeable people.”

This is a peer reviewed Book

Publisher: Barton Books Pty, Limited
Year: 2017
ISBN/ISSN: 1921577363, 9781921577369

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