Patterns of Descriptive Curse Formulae in the Hebrew Bible, with Special Attention to Lev 26 and Amos 4:6–12

The Formation of the Pentateuch

By Dr. John Kessler
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The Pentateuch lies at the heart of the Western humanities. Yet despite nearly two centuries of scholarship, its historical origins and its literary history are still a subject of intense discussion. Critical scholarship has isolated multiple layers of tradition, inconsistent laws, and narratives that could only have originated from separate communities within ancient Israel, and were joined together at a relatively late stage by a process of splicing and editing. In effect, a number of independent scholarly discourses have emerged. Each centers on the Pentateuch, each operates with its own set of working assumptions, and each is confident of its own claims. This volume seeks to stimulate international discussion about the Pentateuch in order to help the discipline move toward a set of shared assumptions and a common discourse.

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Chapter in The Formation of the Pentateuch: Bridging the Academic Cultures of Europe, Israel and North America.
Pages: 943-984
Publisher: Mohr Siebeck
Year: 2018
ISBN/ISSN: 3161538838

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