Paul's Way of Knowing: Story, Experience, and the Spirit

By Ian W. Scott
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Is it possible for human beings to know anything at all about God? If so, how? Philosophers and theologians have debated these fundamental questions for millennia. In this clearly written book, Ian Scott asks how the apostle Paul answers them. Scott finds that while Paul did not explicitly address questions of epistemology (the branch of philosophy that studies how we know), his epistles imply certain conclusions. After articulating Paul's assumptions about how human beings can move from unbelief to faith through a rational process, Scott assesses the structure of Paul's own claims to knowledge. He finds that for Paul, theological knowledge is about discerning the story of what God is doing and finding one's own place in that story. Originally published by Mohr Siebeck, this valuable work is now available as an affordable North American edition.

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This is a peer reviewed Book

Publisher: Baker Academic
Year: 2008
ISBN/ISSN: 978-0801036095

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