The Competencies and Limitations of Science

When God and Science Meet book cover

By Mark A. Noll, Dorothy Boorse, Katharine Hayhoe, W. Douglas Hayhoe, John Ortberg, Dorothy F. Chappell, Ian Hutchinson, Randy Isaac, Jay Hollman, Christopher J. H. Wright, Ed Stetzer
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Many people perceive tension — and sometimes even hostility — between faith and science. But there’s more agreement than many realize.

Now there’s a resource to inspire and inform your evangelical voice with trusted insight as you explore the surprising discoveries of agreement. The National Association of Evangelicals asked a small, but impressive group of authors to bring science and faith on the same page. The booklet does not answer all the questions, but it unites the conversation in a way that values and respects both faith and science.

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Chapter in When God and Science Meet: Surprising Discoveries of Agreement
Publisher: National Association of Evangelicals
Year: 2015

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