Residence Philosophy & Campus Standards

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Philosophy of Residence Life

Tyndale recognizes the experience of residence living as a valuable part of a student’s education. Research and student reports have shown that those who live in residence form lasting friendships, gain a greater understanding of themselves and other people, are more involved in extra-curricular activities, and have more opportunities to interact with faculty and staff, thus enhancing their development.

Knowing that residence living is conducive to the education of the total person, all Tyndale students are highly encouraged to live in residence unless living with their parents or legal guardian.

Campus Standards

Tyndale is an alcohol-free, drug-free, and smoke & vapor-free campus. All residents and guests are expected to refrain from the use of alcohol and tobacco while on campus.

Questions About Residence?

If you have more questions about residence, please contact the Residence Director, Katy Darley, at kdarley [at] tyndale [dot] ca.