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The following links will navigate you away from the Tyndale Seminary website. Remember that although online and software tools can be helpful, you should begin your research with the Tyndale library!

Also note that many of the websites listed here, although they may contain useful tools and information, cannot be cited in academic essays. See How do I produce a biblical studies paper? for information on how to go about researching and writing an effective, properly formatted academic paper as well as Using web resources for biblical studies for tips on evaluating and effectively using web material.

Link Categories


Free Greek/Hebrew Fonts

Biblical Studies Software

Accordance (Mac)
BibleWorks (PC, Mac w/conversion program)
Logos (PC/Mac)

Bible in Original Languages

Mechon Mamre (OT - Hebrew)
Sacred Texts: Tanach (OT - Hebrew only)
SBL Greek New Testament (NT - Greek)
Blue Letter Bible (Greek and Hebrew, plus LXX)
Perseus New Testament (NT - Greek)
The Unbound Bible (OT/NT - Greek)
Olive Tree (multiple languages and versions)
Greek New Testament (NT - Greek)
The Greek Bible (NT - Greek)
Wescott-Hort at CCEL (NT - Greek)
Westcott-Hort with NA27 variants (NT - Greek)
Bibliotheca Augustana (Septuagint/LXX - OT in Greek, used by NT authors)

English/Interlinear Bibles

BibleGateway (multiple English versions) (multiple English versions)
Interlinear Bible at Bible Study Tools (formerly Crosswalk)

Learn Greek

Learn Hebrew

General Learning/Memorization Tools

General/Gateway Sites

New Testament Gateway (great gateway site managed by Dr. Mark Goodacre)
Oxford Biblical Studies Online
Witnesses of Hope (NT resource being developed by Dr. Ian Scott)
The Paul Page
Biblical Interpretation (Michael Marlowe)
Biblical Studies (UK)
Bible Tutor

Oxford Biblical Studies Online Guides

Textual Criticism

Lexicons/Grammatical Tools

Literary Analysis



Biblical Theology

Biblical Studies Journals Online


ANE/Jewish Background

Apocryphal/Pseudoepigraphical Texts

Hellenistic World/Classical

Dead Sea Scrolls

Early Christian Writings

Blogs/Personal Websites

Note: The content on these websites does not necessarily reflect the views of Tyndale Seminary or the Biblical Studies department. These links are provided as helpful connection points to contemporary scholarly discussions about biblical interpretation on the web.

Ian Scott (Tyndale Seminary professor)
John Hobbins (Ancient Hebrew Poetry)
Mark Goodacre
Larry Hurtado
Evangelical Textual Criticism
Daniel O. McClellan
N.T. Wright
Ehud Ben Zvi
Ben Witherington III
Near Emmaus
The Biblical Studies Carnival

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