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Course code Course Name/Description
PAST 0603 Planting “New Generation” Churches in a Multicultural World
Designed for individuals considering serving in a multicultural church with the possibility of serving in a church-planting ministry....
PAST 0605 Issues, Strategies & Directions for Multicultural Churches
Addresses diverse issues, fresh strategies, and uncharted directions that shape the new realities of the now and next generations in a...
PAST 0621 Church in Context
Same as MISS 0621.
PAST 0628 Missional Theology of Place: Sign Posts in a Strange Land
Same as MISS 0628.
PAST 0641 Introduction to Preaching
Introduces preaching as a theological and pastoral practice of the church in service to the gospel. Topics include exegeting the biblical...
PAST 0643 Women and Men in Ministry: Partners in Christian Leadership
Introduces students to some of the myriad of ways in which gender may impact Christian ministry: from one’s self-identity as male or female,...
PAST 0644 Building the Church through Small Groups
Explores the basic principles for building and understanding the dynamics and problems of small groups. Specific attention will focus on...
PAST 0655 Ministry in the Margins: Poverty, Inequality and Justice
Same as MISS 0655.
PAST 0658 Developing Intercultural Competency for Ministry
Same as MISS 0688.
PAST 0662 Tools for Reading Social Contexts: Ethnography for Ministry
Same as CHED 0662.
PAST 0668 Leadership Dynamics in Congregational Life
Explores what makes for vital congregations. The normative form of Christian existence is the local congregation where God’s people are...
PAST 0670-0675 Special Topics in Pastoral Ministry
Examination of specific topics in pastoral ministry.
PAST 0693 Evangelism and Discipleship
Same as CHED 0693 and YMIN 0693.
PAST 0739 Topics in Preaching
Designed to deepen our understanding of preaching as a theological and pastoral activity of the church in service to the gospel. Different...
PAST 0741 Pastoral Care and Counselling
Provides an introduction to pastoral care and counselling within the context of the Christian ministry. The nature of pastoral care and...
PAST 0749 Growing Healthy Churches
Same as PENT 0506.
PAST CM03 Pastor as Shepherd Leader in the Chinese Church
Examines the nature and theology of pastoral ministry with emphasis on the role of the pastor as the shepherd leader. Accordingly, the...
PAST CM04 Evangelism and Church Planting in the Chinese Community
Different methods of evangelism to reach the Chinese in North America will be studied, with a goal to establish a new church. The ways to...
PAST CM07 Worship and Music in the Chinese Church
Explores the Christian foundation of worship and music in the Chinese Churches. This course is designed for those who are called to serve in...
PAST CM21 Introduction to Chinese Preaching
Teaches the basic principles of “bridging” what the biblical text meant in ancient times to what it means today, especially in the Chinese...
PAST CM26 Chinese Pastoral Counselling
Provides students with a basic understanding of the field of pastoral counselling, and prepares the students to be more effective in...
PAST CM30 Advanced Chinese Preaching
Builds on the basic principles of sermon preparation and delivery taught in PAST CM21 (previously CHIN CM21). Attention will be given to the...
PAST TH51 Spiritual Care of the Dying and Grieving
Examines the psychological and theological aspects of dying in order to better understand and provide significant pastoral care to those who...
PAST TH52 Biblical and Spiritual Resources in Times of Grief
Explores with biblical and theological resources in the face of death, grief and loss. Topics include how the Bible and the Christian...
PAST TH53 Disenfranchised Grief
Explores and considers the nature of disenfranchised grief, particularly in situations of profound loss where grief is difficult to express...