Seminary & Graduate Courses

The following is a list of Seminary & Graduate courses offered by Tyndale. You can also see the course schedule for specific terms.

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Course code Course Name/Description
PENT 0504 Pentecostal Spirituality
Offers a fresh, constructive and perhaps even controversial interpretation and re-envisioning of the Pentecostal tradition. A study is made...
PENT 0505 Pentecostal Theology
An examination of classical Pentecostal theology with references to the early evangelical influences that contributed to its formation....
PENT 0506 Growing Healthy Churches
Explores the theology and methodology of growing healthy churches for the 21st century. It examines various church growth principles...
PENT 0507 Luke
Same as NEWT 0725.
PENT 0508 Church Planting
Presents the theology and methodology of starting new churches in Canada. Exposure to various models of church planting will prepare the...
PENT 0520 1 Corinthians: Paul's Letter to a Community in Chaos
Same as NEWT 0723.
PENT 0525 Acts of the Apostles: The Church, the Spirit and the Mission of God
Same as NEWT 0525.
PENT 0570 Directed Reading and Research
Directed Reading and Research (DRR) courses allow students to study in a specific area of interest not addressed by the scheduled course...
PENT 0670-0675 Special Topics in Pentecostal Studies
Examination of specific topics in Pentecostal studies.
PENT 0701 Pentecostal Issues
An intensive examination through discussion, research and writing of one current theological issue within Pentecostalism. Topics vary.
PENT 0736 Healing in the New Testament
After a brief survey of the Old Testament, explores the theme of healing in the New Testament. By means of narrative analysis, the role of...
PENT 0799 Pentecostal Studies Thesis
See the Thesis Handbook for details.
SALV 0501 Agents of Change in the Salvation Army
Explores the lives of a number of Salvationists from the nineteenth century to the present, focusing on their shared concern for social...
SALV 0502 Salvation Army Missiology
Describes the principles of Salvationist mission, examines the motives for the principles, and assesses how they have been implemented. The...
SALV 0503 The Salvation Army and Ethical Issues
Considers the various ways The Salvation Army has identified and approached ethical issues in the past. It also addresses a number of...
SALV 0504 The Salvation Army and the Bible
Addresses the place of the Bible in Salvationist life and thought, both historically and theologically. Attention is given to issues related...
SALV 0505 The Wesleyan Heritage of the Salvation Army
Looks at the influence of the Wesleyan tradition upon the theology, ministry, and practice of The Salvation Army. It includes examination of...
SALV 0570 Directed Reading and Research
Directed Reading and Research (DRR) courses allow students to study in a specific area of interest not addresses by the scheduled course...
SALV 0670 Topics in Salvation Army History
Analyzes key events and developments from The Salvation Army's past. Course content varies
SALV 0671 Topics in Salvation Army Theology
Investigates specific theological topics and how they are understood in The Salvation Army. Course content varies year-to-year.
SALV 0799 Salvation Army Studies Thesis
See the Thesis Handbook for details on this option.
SPIR 0504 Pentecostal Spirituality
Same as PENT 0504.
SPIR 0529 Spiritual Warfare
A study of the biblical data related to the demonic. Practical application to Christian living regarding victory over the enemy in individual...
SPIR 0544 Spiritual Classics
A seminar engaging great spiritual writings from the church Fathers to the present. Same as HIST 0544. Recommended prerequisites: SPIR 0700,...
SPIR 0545 Early Christian Spirituality
Same as HIST 0545.