Leadership in the Multicultural Postmodern Church

PAST MC58 (3)

Explores the concept of leadership from biblical, theological, historical and cultural perspectives. Looks at the formation of a Bible-centred leader in a multicultural, multilingual and multigenerational postmodern church setting. Each student will learn about the basic What, How and Why of leadership, the emergence and spiritual formation of leaders, postmodern reality and the shaping of missional leadership, and how to study the Bible for leadership insights. The goal is that students become leaders informed and shaped by biblical leadership values, and are able to apply biblical truth in a postmodern context so as to impact followers, the community and society-at-large for Christ and His kingdom. Same as LEAD 0606. Exclusion: CHIN 0606.
Course Code: PAST MC58 | Credit Hours: 3 | Seminary Graduate Course

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