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Course code Course Name/Description
SALV 0670 Topics in Salvation Army History
Analyzes key events and developments from The Salvation Army’s past. Course content varies year-to-year.
SALV 0671 Topics in Salvation Army Theology
Investigates specific theological topics and how they are understood in The Salvation Army. Course content varies year-to-year.
SALV 0799 Salvation Army Studies Thesis
See the Thesis Handbook for details on this option.
SPIR 0504 Pentecostal Spirituality
Same as PENT 0504.
SPIR 0529 Spiritual Warfare
A study of the biblical data related to the demonic. Practical application to Christian living regarding victory over the enemy in individual...
SPIR 0544 Spiritual Classics
A seminar engaging great spiritual writings from the church Fathers to the present. Recommended prerequisites: SPIR 0700, HIST 0561.
SPIR 0545 Early Christian Spirituality
Same as HIST 0545.
SPIR 0551 Intergenerational Faith Formation
Examines historical, sociological, developmental, and theological underpinnings of spiritual formation in the context of children, youth, and...
SPIR 0553 Spirituality for Generations Z & Alpha
Explores the spirituality and discipleship models which coincide with the unique connectivity of Generation Z (born 1997 to 2010) and...
SPIR 0563 Disability, Theology, and the Church: Everybody Belongs
Same as CHED 0563 and PAST 0563.
SPIR 0570 Directed Reading and Research
Directed Reading and Research (DRR) courses allow students to study in a specific area of interest not addressed by the scheduled course...
SPIR 0601 Finding Your Way: Principles of Spiritual Direction
Designed to give insight into the ministry of spiritual direction. An experience in learning through an informational as well as formational...
SPIR 0609 Prayer and the People of God
An interdisciplinary course about biblical, theological and historical models of individual and corporate prayer. The purpose of this course...
SPIR 0610 Protestant Spiritual Traditions
A team-taught, comparative study of Reformed, Anglican, Anabaptist/Baptistic, Methodist and Pentecostal/charismatic traditions of...
SPIR 0615 Dynamics of the Spiritual Life: The Legacy of Henri Nouwen
Revolves around the dynamics of our spiritual life, utilizing the insights of Henri Nouwen set against the background theme of spiritual...
SPIR 0639 Celtic Spirituality
Celtic spirituality appeals to the mind, body and spirit. Intended to introduce the mysterious spiritual world that draws on pre-Christian...
SPIR 0644 Building the Church through Small Groups
Same as CHED 0663 and PAST 0644.
SPIR 0670-0675 Special Topics in Spiritual Formation
Examination of specific topics in spiritual formation.
SPIR 0684 Spiritual Care of the Dying and Grieving
Same as COUN 0684 and PAST TH51.
SPIR 0700 Spiritual Formation
Provides an integrated study of the Christian life and the development of personal character shaped by the values and virtues of God’s...
SPIR 0710 and SPIR 0711 Spiritual Direction Internship I and II
Designed for those seeking to become certified spiritual directors. Students learn the art and practice of spiritual direction through weekly...
SPIR CM09 Spiritual Formation
Provides a personal spiritual growth experience through a theological understanding of the essentials of spiritual formation; exploring major...
SPIR IS09 Indigenous Spirituality and Formation
Indigenous understandings of the nature of the spiritual and of spirituality differ in many respects from those commonly held within Western...
THEO 0531 Systematic Theology: Faith Seeking Understanding
Equips students to use the tools of systematic theology to understand, proclaim, and live the Christian faith today. We will address such...
THEO 0534 Christian Apologetics
Designed to introduce students to the field of Christian apologetics. Attention will be given to the rationale for apologetics and its place...