Seminary Courses

The following is a list of courses offered by Tyndale Seminary. You can also see the course schedule for specific terms.

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Course code Course Name/Description
PAST 0670-0675 Special Topics in Pastoral Ministry
Examination of specific topics in pastoral ministry.
PAST MC67 Special Topics in Pastoral Ministry: New Generation Multicultural Church
Examination of specific topics in Pastoral Ministry: New Generation Multicultural Church.
PENT 0670-0675 Special Topics in Pentecostal Studies
Examination of specific topics in Pentecostal studies.
DMPC 0930 Special Topics in Preaching and Communication
Examination of specific topics in preaching and communication.
SPIR 0670-0675 Special Topics in Spiritual Formation
Examination of specific topics in spiritual formation.
DMSF 0930 Special Topics in Spiritual Formation
Examination of specific topics in spiritual formation.
NEWT 0670-0675 Special Topics in New Testament
Examination of specific topics in the New Testament.
OLDT 0670-0675 Special Topics in Old Testament
Examination of specific topics in the Old Testament.
THEO 0670-0675 Special Topics in Theology
Examination of specific topics in theology.
YMIN 0670-0675 Special Topics in Youth and Family Ministry
Examination of specific topics in youth and family ministry.
NEWT 0730 2 Corinthians
Examines 2 Corinthians to discover its profound teaching on the nature of true Christian ministry. Issues such as discipline and forgiveness...
COUN 0691 Therapy Interventions for Trauma, Abuse and Violence
Examines both individual and systemic interventions for victims of trauma, abuse and violence. Research has shown that when trauma survivors...
THEO 0636 Theology of John Calvin
Examines closely Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. Topics such as the knowledge of God, Trinity, Scriptures, providence, the...
THEO 0656 Evil and Suffering
Examines philosophical, theological, biblical and pastoral perspectives on the problem of evil and suffering. The problems related to...
MISS I816 Mission of the Church in the City
Examines the challenges of ministry in contemporary urban contexts. Looks at the dynamics that shape urban life, such as wealth and power,...
HIST 0665 History of Evangelicalism
Examines the evangelical movement from its inauguration in the era of John Wesley, George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards to the present day...
HIST IS04 History of Christianity I
Examines the history of Christianity up until close to the present time. It will look at traditional historical accounts critically in order...
THEO 0634 Theology of Martin Luther
Examines the key works of Luther, as well as major themes in the Wittenberger’s theology (e.g., the righteousness of God, the theology of the...
THEO 0643 The Life and Work of Charles Wesley
Examines the life, spiritual formation, poetic genius and theological contribution of Charles Wesley through an investigation of his sermons...
BIBL IS01 Biblical Interpretation
Examines the methods, principles and practices of interpreting the biblical texts. In addition to deepening one’s understanding and use of...
PAST CM03 Pastoring in the Chinese Church
Examines the nature and theology of pastoral ministry with emphasis on the role of the pastor. Attention is given to the minister’s spiritual...
PAST MC62 Preaching to Change Lives in a Multicultural Church Context
Examines the principles of structuring and delivering sermons in a variety of genres, including expository, narrative, and evangelistic...
PAST 0743 Spiritual Care of the Dying and Grieving
Examines the psychological and theological aspects of dying in order to better understand and provide significant pastoral care to those who...
PENT 0502 Pastoral Theology: A Pentecostal Perspective
Examines the theological and practical aspects of pastoral ministry. In addition to an examination of the matters that pertain to pastoral...
YMIN 0693 Evangelism and Discipleship
Examines the theological principles and practical ministry strategies involved in evangelism and discipleship. Several models of evangelism...