DMin in Leadership with a Concentration in Non-Profit Organizational Leadership

Doctor of Ministry (DMin) in Leadership with a Concentration in
Non-Profit Organizational Leadership


The Non-Profit Organizational Leadership concentration in the Doctor of Ministry Leadership Track focuses on Organizational Leadership specifically for non-profit Christian organizations from multiple sectors (international development, missions, denominational, para-church etc.). It combines theory with practice, theology with ministry, and collaborative learning with individual projects. Students work on three major projects and complete their program with an integrated research portfolio.

Together, students will learn principles of effective organizational and foundational theories of leadership, explore relevant research findings and cultural/sociological/psychological dynamics, and develop awareness of alternative models for understanding and leading individuals and teams in business and professional organizations in a global world. In tandem, you will be shaped by organizational leadership best practices and dynamics in the core disciplines of strategic planning, governance, finance and development.

Program Format

The Non-Profit Organizational Leadership concentration in the Doctor of Ministry Leadership Track is a cohort model, with some sequenced courses. Students will complete 12 courses within 3 years, with distance learning and residency phases each year.

  • The distance learning phase includes reading, writing, research, reflection, application, and collaboration primarily supported by teachers, personal growth coaches, and research portfolio advisors.
  • The residency phase – two weeks in June and one week in January – includes worship and prayer, lectures, plenary discussions, group activities, small group meetings, and individual work.

Post-DMin Certificate

The Post-DMin Certificate is designed for people who already have a DMin but want to take additional courses as continued education. Students will complete 3 courses within 3 years.

Course titles, descriptions and sequence may be modified when warranted after due process by the DMin Program Committee and Academic Planning Committee.


Year A

  • DMML 0901 Formation of the Leader
  • DMNO 0901 Facing the Unique Challenges of Leading a Non-profit Organizations: Why Business Thinking is Not Enough
  • DMML 0951 Integration Overview
  • DMML 0941 Exegeting Your Ministry Context

Year B

  • DMML 0907 Leadership Development
  • DMNO 0902 Imagination and Innovation: Strategic Development for Non-profit Organizations
  • DMML 0942 Philosophy of Christian Leadership
  • DMML 0952 Integration Proposal

Year C

  • DMML 0943 Ministry-Based Field Research
  • DMNO 0903 Exploring the Healthy Foundations Necessary for Non-Profit Organizational Leadership
  • DMML 0905 Intercultural Leadership Competency
  • DMML 0953 Integration Portfolio

Courses included in the Post-DMin Certificate

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Non-Profit Organizational Leadership Faculty & Instructors

Jesse Sudirgo

Jesse Sudirgo

Concentration Coordinator

Jesse Sudirgo, PhD cand., is the Director of the Masters of Divinity Church in the City (In-Ministry) Program and Assistant Professor of Contextual Ministry at the Seminary. He has a diverse breadth of experience in multiple disciplines of ministry in both the church and non-profit sectors. He is the former Director of Street-Involved Services at the YSM Evergreen Centre and continues to consult with churches in their engagement with poverty in the city.

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Rupen Das

Rupen Das

Dr. Das is Research Professor at Tyndale University and the Executive Director of the Canadian Bible Society. As a consultant he has worked on projects for the Canadian Government, the Canadian CIMIC and DART, Pearson Peacekeeping Center, Plan Canada, Focus Humanitarian, World Vision International, International Development Support Services (IDSS Australia), among others.

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Michael Krause

Michael Krause

Dr. Michael Krause is the Associate Professor of Leadership and Ministry. He has a broad range of ministerial experience in the urban church context, as well as social service agencies and educational institutions. He was the Director of Evergreen, Yonge Street Mission’s outreach to street-involved youth. He has had an active leadership role in multiple church plants.

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John Pellowe

John Pellowe

John Pellowe is the Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities.