Post-DMin Certificate in Non-Profit Organizational Leadership

Non-Profit Organizational Leadership


Post-DMin Certificate in Non-Profit Organizational Leadership focuses on Organizational Leadership specifically for non-profit Christian organizations from multiple sectors (international development, missions, denominational, para-church etc.).

Program Format & Courses

The Post-DMin Certificate is designed for people who already have a DMin but want to take additional courses as continued education. Students will complete 3 courses within 3 years.

Course titles, descriptions and sequence may be modified when warranted after due process by the DMin Program Committee and Academic Planning Committee.

  • DMNO 0901 Facing the Unique Challenges of Leading a Non-profit Organizations: Why Business Thinking is not enough!
  • DMNO 0902 Imagination and Innovation: Strategic Development for Non-profit Organizations
  • DMNO 0903 Fund Raising/Recruitment the Foundations of Leadership in Non-profits

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