DMin in Leadership with a Concentration in Preaching

Doctor of Ministry (DMin) in Leadership with a Concentration in


The Preaching concentration in the Doctor of Ministry Leadership Track aims to increase spiritual sensitivity and capability to effectively communicate the gospel and the message of scripture in public settings. It combines theory with practice, theology with ministry, and collaborative learning with individual projects. Students work on three major projects and complete their program with an integrated research portfolio.

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Program Format & Courses

The Preaching concentration in the Doctor of Ministry Leadership Track is a cohort model, with some sequenced courses. Students will complete 12 courses within 3 years, with distance learning and residency phases each year.

  • The distance learning phase includes reading, writing, research, reflection, application, and collaboration primarily supported by teachers, personal growth coaches, and research portfolio advisors.
  • The residency phase – two weeks in June and one week in January – includes worship and prayer, lectures, plenary discussions, group activities, small group meetings, and individual work.

Course titles, descriptions and sequence may be modified when warranted after due process by the DMin Program Committee and Academic Planning Committee.

Year A

  • DMML 0901 Formation of the Leader
  • DMML 0941 Exegeting Your Ministry Context
  • DMML 0951 Integration Overview
  • DMPC 0912 Topics in Proclamation

Year B

  • DMML 0907 Leadership Development
  • DMML 0942 Philosophy of Christian Leadership
  • DMML 0952 Integration Proposal
  • DMPC 0904 Embodying the Gospel: Enhancing Communication Skills

Year C

  • DMML 0905 Intercultural Leadership Competency
  • DMML 0943 Action Research Project
  • DMML 0953 Integration Portfolio
  • DMPC 0901 Participating in God’s Work: Preaching Foundations

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Preaching Faculty & Instructors

Dr. Kevin Livingston

Kevin Livingston

Preaching Coordinator |  416.226.6620 ext. 2207

Kevin Livingston is the Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry at Tyndale Seminary focused on the theology and practice of preaching. He has over 30 years of pastoral experience, is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church in Canada and has served congregations in Seattle, Scotland, Vancouver, and Cambridge.

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Sunder Krishnan

Sunder Krishnan

Sunder Krishnan graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology and received his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Boston. Afterwards he worked for Atomic Energy of Canada. He served at Rexdale Alliance Church as a member of the executive committee as well on the board of elders for eight years and later joined their staff for 36 years, retiring in 2016 as pastor emeritus.

Gary Nelson

Gary Nelson

Gary Nelson is an urban missiologist and is a past President and Vice Chancellor of Tyndale University. Prior to 2010, he served as General Secretary of Canadian Baptist Ministries. He has also served in church leadership roles in California, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Alberta.

Fred Penney

Fred Penney

Fred Penney has pastored since 1987, including planting a multi-ethnic church in the heart of Toronto. He currently pastors Emmanuel Pentecostal Church in Port Perry and has been teaching homiletics since 1999. Fred has also taught in the Ukraine.

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Narry Santos

Narry Santos

Narry Santos is the Assistant Professor of Christian Ministry and Intercultural Leadership and has experience in frontline ministry and church planting. He was born in the Philippines and received a PhD in the New Testament along with a PhD in Philippine Studies. He has served as a full-time pastor and church planter for over two decades.

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Rod Wilson

Rod Wilson

Rod Wilson served as the President of Regent College from 2000-2015. He has been involved in the field of counselling and consulting for over thirty years and has held various positions at Tyndale. In 2004, Dr. Wilson received an honorary doctorate from Trinity Western University in recognition of his gifts of leadership and acuity of vision.