Harding Ng

Harding Ng

Program: MDiv Pastoral [1989]

Occupation: Pastor

Dr. Ng (MDiv ‘89) is the Senior Pastor of Toronto Chinese Community Church, a Tyndale Seminary graduate who is leading a congregation to live out their faith. “We wanted to live up to our ‘Community’ name and not just talk about it,” Dr. Ng says. “Now that God has blessed us with more people and the ability to acquire buildings, etc., I said to myself, ‘Isn’t it our turn to help others?’”

The church purchased a 46,000 square foot warehouse, called The Gibson Centre, which has been renovated into a full community centre.

Dr. Ng prays that the community will become a better place to live: a community with lower school drop-out rates, a decrease in crime, and fewer elderly members living in isolation. “God seems to keep nurturing in me this concept that our Christian Testimony should be holistic,” Dr. Ng says, “meeting the body, soul, and spiritual needs of our people.”

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