Guidelines for Written Work

1. On the title page of all your papers, you must include all of the following important information (sample PDF)

  • Title of paper (in caps)
  • full name 
  • student ID
  • name of the professor ("Submitted to ...)
  • course title and code
  • program (e.g., Tyndale Seminary, MTS Modular) and cohort
  • date submitted

2. All papers should be characterized by the following: 

a) Accuracy (Is what I say correct? Is it true to the case?) 

b) Comprehensiveness (Have I covered all the points that need to be covered?) 

c) Clarity in structure (Is there a self-evident and meaningful order to the paper?) 

d) Clarity in content (Will the reader correctly understand what I have tried to say?) 

e) Specificity (Have I moved beyond generalities and made specific statements?) 

f) Thorough and accurate documentation (At every point where I have consciously drawn upon the ideas of others, have I provided the information necessary for the reader also to consult the sources I have used?)

3. For all questions of style, including footnotes and bibliographical information, please consult the "Chicago-Style Quick Guide" or the full edition of the Chicago Manual of Style Online, especially ch. 14. For citing scripture texts, refer to sections 10.44 to 10.48 and 14.238 to 14.241, as well as to the Student Supplement of The SBL Handbook of Style (1999; available in the Tyndale Library, REF PN 147. S26 199). Here is a sample page of footnotes and bibliography (with thanks to Dr. James Pedlar).

4. Please acknowledge all sources of ideas. Plagiarism is a serious offense to high standards of academics and morality. See the "Policy on Academic Honesty and Dishonesty" for more information. 

5. Most instructors will want you to submit an electronic copy of your paper only. If your instructor wishes a paper copy, do not submit papers in any kind of binder or cover, unless the professor gives specific instructions to do so. Staple all pages securely together with a staple in the top left hand corner. 

6. All graded papers (hard-copy) will be returned to your student mailbox.

7. All papers must be submitted by the due dates indicated by the instructor or in the course outline. Refer to MTS Policy for Submission and Grading of Late Assignments for details.

8. All students are required to keep a back-up copy of each of their papers, whether on a memory stick or hard copy.

9. Students who display difficulties with English language skills in their assignments may be identified by the professor for further assessment in the Centre for Academic Excellence. Students may then be required to take the English for Academic Purposes course in conjunction with current courses.

10. Students are also encouraged to seek help on their own initiative from the Writing Services of the Centre for Academic Excellence.

* Please note: when you obtain your ID card from the Office of the Registrar, you are assigned a student mailbox. Please check regularly for important Seminary mail and returned assignments.