Fees & Financial Aid

Check application deadline for need-based bursaries (usually June or July)

Tyndale Seminary financial aid makes tuition and fees more affordable than you might think. And if money is tight, we have an interest subsidy program to help you with your payments as well as a flexible payment plan option.

If you graduated from Tyndale University College (or its predecessor Ontario Bible College) with a BRE or BA degree, you are eligible for the Tyndale University College Alumni Scholarship worth $6000 ($2000 per year x 3yrs). NB: MTS degree students in the modular program are considered full-time students.

If you have completed an undergraduate degree in theology or religion at Tyndale or elsewhere, you may be eligible for advanced standing with credit for up to three courses (this can also mean significant savings in the total cost of your graduate education).

Church-Match Sponsorships

Everyone qualifies! All deadlines have now been removed, so let's get your church involved. Contributons from your church or organization are matched by Tyndale up to $100 per course. The MTS Modular Director will gladly write a letter to your congregation encouraging them to support you in your studies. (This effectively lowers your costs approx. 20%).

Forgivable Loan Program

A donation program that allows your friends and family to support you in your educational endeavours. Anyone (with the exception of a student's spouse) may make a donation to Tyndale and receive a charitable donation receipt for the full amount. Upon receipt of the donation, Tyndale will forward 90% of the donation directly to the student's account while 10% is taken by Tyndale for processing fees.

Other bursaries and scholarships

Tyndale offers a variety of bursaries (need-based) and scholarships to help make your Tyndale education more affordable. Applications for these awards should be made to the Financial Aid Office. Consult the full list of scholarships available making note of application deadlines.

Scholarships for Returning and Graduating Students: These scholarships are monetary awards made on the basis of academic achievement. Some scholarships may also consider other factors such as school and community involvement, qualities of leadership, or other criteria, but not financial need. MTS Modular students are strongly encouraged to apply. For scholarships that require applications, forms can be obtained in the Financial Aid Office. The application deadline is early February.

Seminary education costs money! Unlike many other Canadian seminaries, Tyndale is not affiliated with a public university and thus receives no government funding. Moreover, Tyndale is a trans-denominational seminary and thus receives no denominational support. Costs are covered by tuition and private donations. Therefore we strongly encourage churches who send students to also partner joyfully and share generously in the costs involved in training leaders for the ministry of the church. This helps to make training at Tyndale--Canada's leading seminary--affordable for all.