Frequently Asked Questions for Future Students

Q. Who is the Program for?

  • Persons desiring a deeper biblical and theological foundation for their faith;
  • Christians in their professions seeking to be equipped for witness and service in and through their workplace;
  • Persons wanting to develop skills for ministry in and through a local church or para-church ministry;
  • Persons preparing for missionary service;
  • Persons engaged in pastoral ministry or full-time church work who desire to further their education;
  • Persons preparing for further theological study (e.g., ThM) or graduate work in other fields;
  • Cf. Tyndale's missional paradigm for theological education.


Tyndale Seminary's MTS Cohort Modular program is not traditional theological training. Tyndale is committed to offer a theological education that addresses the rapidly changing realities of Canadian society. Graduates are empowered to think, act and lead missionally across their church or para-church organizations, and excel as team players and team builders.

Q. Is the Tyndale Seminary Master of Theological Studies (MTS) degree an accredited degree program?

A. YES. Tyndale Seminary's MTS degree is a recognized Master’s degree fully approved and accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada.

Q. Will the courses from the MTS degree program (modular) transfer to an MDiv degree program?

two women in a classroom listening to a lecture

A. YES. All of your courses will transfer; compare the Program Requirements. (There are exceptions for transfer into the Counselling tracks

of the MDiv program, however.) This is a tremendous advantage for those students whose ultimate aim is to finish an MDiv. The Tyndale Seminary MTS degree (modular) program--though focused on workplace ministry--allows students to fulfill many of the MDiv required courses in a short amount of time. (Note: It is very important that MTS degree students wishing to transfer into the Tyndale Seminary MDiv degree program DO NOT complete their final MTS degree module before completing their Change of Program Request Form from the Office of the Registrar)

Q. Can I transfer courses I have already completed at Tyndale Seminary to the MTS modular program?

A. YES. You may apply for transfer credits for up to three courses which you have already completed provided they are the same courses scheduled for the MTS Modular Program (to be determined by the Director and the Registrar).

Q. Is the Tyndale Seminary MTS Modular Program considered to be a full-time program?

A. YES. A minimum of 6 courses per academic year (Fall/Winter) must be taken to attain full-time status. Even though MTS modular students only attend class one night per week, they enroll in and complete 6 courses Fall/Winter (plus one in Spring/Summer), and thus are registered as full-time students.

Q. What happens if I cannot complete one of the scheduled courses due to illness, personal or professional emergencies etc.?

A. If you cannot complete a module for any reason, you may rejoin your cohort for the next scheduled module and complete the missed course (or alternate as approved by the Director and Registrar) in another format e.g., Tyndale Seminary's Spring/Summer program, online, Intersession, or a later cohort. Occasionally a student withdraws from the program for a year or two; in this case, the student may join another cohort, or transfer into the Tyndale Seminary MTS Christian Foundations (semester based) program.

Q. What are the time commitments and classroom expectations for this program?

A. Due to the highly interactive and participatory nature of this program, you will be expected to contribute to the class through small group discussions, question and answer periods and seminar presentations. There will be a limited amount of lecture time, but much of the class will be dedicated to group work and interactive problem solving. Thus, students are expected to attend all classes and participate in class assignments. Outside of class time, students can expect to spend about 15-plus hours per week on supplemental readings and written course assignments.

Q. Is there a financial benefit for enrolling in the Tyndale Seminary MTS modular program in comparison to other programs?

A. YES. The modular program is comprised of 18 courses spread out over a 2 ¾ year period. Students are normally enrolled in three courses per semester and are eligible for provinicial student assistance (OSAP).  Information on tuition and financing.

All fees are due and payable to "Tyndale University". Students pay their fees on a semester basis. Fees are paid at a set pre-registration date after which there is a late fee charged. There are three semesters in the modular year.

Q. How much can I expect to pay for textbooks and materials?

A. Textbooks and course materials average about $110.00 per module. For the entire program students will spend about $1500.00-$1800.00 for required texts.

Beyond the mechanics of completing this degree, it is our prayer and deep desire to see each person in the program grow in their experience of God’s love for us, and in the pouring of this love outward to those with whom we share this world.

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