Program Distinctives & Objectives

Group of three students studying in classroomUnique Program Design:

All modules and the structure of the program as a whole have been re-envisioned within a missional paradigm.
Our signature courses (see bullets below) provide the framework meant to inform the whole curriculum, fostering faithful and creative ways of shaping individuals and communities for mission. Classical theological disciplines such as biblical studies, systematic theology and church history are taught to develop the student's capacity to think critically and constructively about faith and culture in a way that is biblically-based and rooted in the historic Christian tradition.

Canadian Perspective:

While acknowledging the global character of the Church, Tyndale Seminary believes it is crucial that seminary students develop a deep understanding of the Canadian cultural context of their ministry.

Tyndale Seminary's MTS Cohort Modular program is not traditional theological training. Tyndale is committed to offer a theological education that addresses the rapidly changing realities of Canadian society. Graduates are empowered to think, act and lead missionally across their church or para-church organizations, and excel as team players and team builders.

Cuturally Engaged:

Contemporary Canadian culture has undergone a vast shift in recent years. Concurrently, the cultural expression of Christianity has changed with many signs of effective adaptation to changing Canadian cultural life. All our courses are geared toward understanding the intersection of Christianity with culture, and enable students see, hear and personally embrace a gospel-shaped engagement with urban, Canadian pluralistic culture. The Tyndale Seminary MTS Modular course Gospel, Church and Culture is specifically designed to meet this goal.


Urban-Multicultural Perspective:

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and has been called the most multicultural city in the world. Two women in classroom paying attention to lectureThe Tyndale Seminary MTS Modular program attracts students from many of Toronto's outstanding churches and church-related ministries, with over forty denominations represented. 
Our community reflects the cosmopolitan nature of Toronto, with students from around the world and faculty with global experience. More than half of the Seminary's student body represent visible minorities, and 43% are women.
The cohort model provides the context for students to learn deeply from each other in a collegial and supportive manner.

A Fertile Environment for Personal Growth:

Missional living is about spirituality before it is about strategy or congregational structure. All Tyndale Seminary MTS Modular students are involved in Spiritual Formation and Leadership Development. Through focused coursework, mentoring experiences and communal worship, the program integrates your personal growth into spiritual maturity, as a member of a community that demonstrates love of God and neighbour.

A Commitment to Holistic Ministry:

Students will develop intellectual, spiritual and practical skills for Christian service in all spheres of life. The courses Work, Vocation and Ministry and Theology of Mission, for example, are designed specifically to meet this goal of the Tyndale Seminary MTS Modular program.

Unique Delivery Format:

The evening, modular format allows students to complete a master’s degree in just less than three years without leaving their current employment.

Educational Objectives:

The curriculum has been designed specifically to foster the student’s development in four areas.

  • Tools: To equip students with the basic tools for lifelong biblical and theological research and study.
  • Foundations: To lay biblical and theological foundations by gaining a deeper knowledge of Scripture, Christian intellectual tradition and church history.
  • Interpretation: To develop skills at interpreting biblical, theological and historical texts and understanding contemporary culture.
  • Reflection and Integration: To help students reflect on and integrate their faith and learning as committed and informed Christians, and integrate their theological studies into their everyday lives, careers, ministries and interests.

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