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This page is designed to help make selected Missional Church writings available to those without easy access to a theological library. The links connect you to audio, books, articles and dissertations made available across the web, including those "Google Books" with significant content preview  - Arnold Neufeldt-Fast, PhD

Missional Church: Foundational Texts






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Tyndale's Missional Leadership documents


Other Missional Leadership Materials

Missional Hermeneutics


Other Publications on Missional Theology by Tyndale Professors

  • Carter, Craig. Rethinking Christ and Culture: A Post-Christendom Perspective. Brazos, 2009 (Order from: Amazon.ca or Tyndale Bookstore).
  • Snyder, Howard A. EarthCurrents: The Struggle for the World`s Soul. Abingdom, 1995 (Order from: Amazon.ca or Tyndale Bookstore)


Missional Theology


Missional Education

Looking for a good book? All MTS Modular students are encouraged to acquire Wright`s The Mission of God for their personal library! Click Google Books for a limited (but generous) preview


Emerging Church Movement



Other Missional Articles and Books


Religion in Canada

Missional Websites and Blogs

Other Resources for the Missional Church

Supplementary Resources for "Gospel, Church and Culture"


Attactional/Missional Church Debate

Tim Keller - Characteristics of a Missional Church

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The missional paradigm informs every Tyndale Seminary program. If you would like more information about our programs, please contact Ryan Klassen, our Seminary Admissions Counsellor.

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