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This page is designed to help make writings on Christian theology available to those without easy access to a theological library. Most links connect to "Google Books" with significant content preview. 
Tyndale community full-text ebooks: 1) EBSCO database:  "Christian Theology/Systematic" (sorted by date); 2) ebrary database: "Theology, doctrinal" (sorted by date); 3) WorldCat sorted by library & relevance: "Christian Theology"; "Theology, Doctrinal".
Tyndale (print) dictionaries /encyclopedia of theology


Theological Dictionaries, Encyclopedia, Companions and Handbooks

It is good to begin your research with one or two theological dictionaries or encyclopedia. You may then wish to explore the volumes in the second section below, or begin a specific search for full-text articles in Tyndale's eJournal databases (available only to students and faculty). A search within Google Books may also yield good results. See also Tyndale's In-Ministry MDiv Systematic Theology Workshop.
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Classic Christian Literature


Contemporary Theology: Systematic Theologies, Readers, Introductory Texts



Other Theology Resources on the WWW


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