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This page is designed to help make writings on and by Eberhard Jüngel (b. 1934) available to those without easy access to a theological library. Most links connect you to scanned, published books and articles made available by Google Books (often 75% of content). Importantly, Google Books allows you to search within a volume and also across volumes (rather than across the entire WWW). The Google Book Project also makes hard to find and expensive monographs readily accessible to researchers. This Reading Room collects those relevant materials on one page.
NB: For bibliographic management and notetaking while reading, Zotero is highly recommended ("a free, easy-to-use Mozilla Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources"). For page snapshots and printing of Google Book pages, try Microsoft's snipping tool (paste text into Word -- or Zotero).


Introduction: Who is Eberhard Jüngel?

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Full-Text Articles by Eberhard Jüngel available via EBSCOhost Electronic Databases (ATLA Religion)

(Note: access limited to Tyndale academic community) 

  • "Church Unity is Already Happening: The Path Towards Eucharistic Community," Dialog: A Journal of Theology, vol. 44, no. 1 (Spring 2005), pp. 30-37.
  • "To tell the world about God." International Review of Mission, vol. 89, no. 353 (Apr 2000), pp. 203-217.
  • "On the doctrine of justification," trans. J. B. Webster. International Journal of Systematic Theology, vol. 1, no. 1 (Mar 1999), pp. 24-52.
  • "Zum Gewissen," Communio viatorum, vol. 40, no 1 (1998), pp. 33-43.
  • "The Christian Understanding of Suffering," Journal of Theology for Southern Africa, no 65 (Dec 1988), pp 3-13.

Dissertations and Theses on Jüngel’s Theology

  • Aerts, Lodewijk. Gottes Herrschaft als Gleichnis? Eine Untersuchung zur Auslegung der Gleichnisse Jesu nach Eberhard Jüngel. (1989) Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana, Vatican. Pp. 395.
  • DeHart, Paul J. Divine Simplicity: Theistic Reconstruction in Eberhard Jüngel’s Trinitarian "Glaubenslehre." Degree: Ph.D. (1997), University of Chicago. Advisor: David Tracy. Pp. 262.
  • Frederickson, Scott P. The ecclesiology of God: The role of the divine congregation on the human congregation (John D. Zizioulas, Douglas John Hall, Eberhard Jüngel). Degree: Ph.D.(2001), Luther Seminary. Advisor: Patrick R. Keifert. Pp. 192.
  • Holmes, Christopher R. J. From glory to glory: The communicative splendour of the God of the gospel according to some recent German theology (Karl Barth, Eberhard Jüngel, Wolf Krötke). Degree: Th.D. (2005), Wycliffe College, Toronto. Pp. 298.
  • Mattes, Mark C. Toward Divine Relationality. Eberhard Jüngel’s New Trinitarian, Postmetaphysical Approach. Degree: Ph.D. (1995), University of Chicago. Advisor: David Tracy. Pp. 396.
  • Neufeldt-Fast, Arnold. Eberhard Jüngel’s Theological Anthropology in Light of his Christology. Degree: Ph.D. (1996), University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto. Advisor: John Webster. Pp. 500.
  • Palakeel, Joseph. The Use of Analogy in Theological Discourse: An Investigation in Ecumenical Perspective. Degree: Th.D. (1995), Pontificia Universitas Gregoriana, Vatican. Pp. 426.
  • Paulson, Steven D. Analogy and Proclamation: The Struggle over God’s Hiddenness in the Theology of Martin Luther and Eberhard Jüngel. Degree: Th.D. (1992), Lutheran School of Theology. Advisor: Carl E. Braaten. Pp. 573.
  • Rolnick, Philip Arthur. Analogical Possibilities: A Critical Analysis of Three Recent Trends (Clarke, Burrell, Jüngel). Degree: Ph.D. (1989), Duke University. Supervisor: Thomas A. Langford. Pp. 275.
  • Schott, Faye Ellen. God is Love: The contemporary theological movement of interpreting the Trinity as God`s relational being (Jenson, Jüngel, Moltmann, Pannenberg). Degree: Th.D. (1990), Lutheran School of Theology. Advisor Carl E. Braaten. Pp. 425.
  • Spjuth, Roland. Creation, Contingency and Divine Presence in the Theologies of Thomas F. Torrance and Eberhard Jüngel. Degree: Th.D. (1995), Lunds Universitet, Sweden. Pp. 242.
  • Ziegler, Philip Gordon. Considering the rupture of the Holocaust: A recasting of Emil Fackenheim`s conception of the Holocaust as absolute rupture with reference to the theology of Eberhard Jüngel. Degree: M.A. (1995), University of St. Michael`s College, Toronto. Advisor: David E. Demson. Pp. 124.

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My Background

  • In 1988-89 I had the privilege of studying with Eberhard Jüngel in Tübingen. The next year I began my doctoral studies in Toronto with Dr. John Webster. During that time I translated a volume of essays: Eberhard Jüngel, Theological Essays II (Trans. A. Neufeldt-Fast and J. B. Webster. Edited by J. B. Webster. Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1995). For my doctoral dissertation on Jüngel`s work--written under John Webster`s supervision--I received the Governor General`s Gold Medal in 1996 (University of St. Michael`s College, Toronto School of Theology). I hope to renew this research track in the next year and make more of those materials available at this site. -neufeldt-fast [at] tyndale [dot] ca (Arnold Neufeldt-Fast), Ph.D.


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