Vote for your 2020-2021 Tyndale University Seminary Student Association (TUSSA) Student Council

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

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Tyndale Seminary students, it’s time to vote for your 2020-2021 Tyndale University Seminary Student Association (TUSSA) Student Council.

How to Vote

The election this year is being conducted online and will remain open until Monday, March 30. If you’re eligible to cast a ballot, you would have received an email sent to your email account on Tuesday, March 24 from Dean of Students George Sweetman with instructions on how to cast your ballot.


There are seven positions up for election this year with eight candidates allowing their names to stand.

President - Laura Dungo

Hello fellow Seminary students, my name is Laura Dungo and I am running for the President position for Tyndale University Seminary Student Association (TUSSA) Student Council in 2020-2021. I will be in my third year of the M.Div Clinical Counselling program in September. Through being a student and being a part of Student Council at Tyndale this year, I have learned how to position myself in a posture of continuous learning, growing, and developing not only academically and vocationally, but most importantly, spiritually. Through every interaction I have had with peers, students, and staff at Tyndale, I have learned much through listening to their lived experiences and faith-filled testimonies. My hope for Tyndale moving forward is to foster space for people to connect, learn, and grow together, in open dialogue with one another, as one unified body in Christ. As President, through joining with and working alongside others on the Student Council, I hope to continue developing ways to bridge the gaps within the diverse student body at Tyndale Seminary and to advocate for the needs of Seminary students with the faculty and administrators.

SVP Operations - Jin Choi

Hello all, my name is Jin Choi and I am running for the position Senior Vice President (SVP) of Operation for the 2020-2021 Seminary Council. I am currently in my second year of the M.Div Clinical Counselling program. Throughout my two years at Tyndale, I have been able to converse with fellow students about their joys and struggles while studying at Tyndale. It has been difficult to see my peers feel like they are alone and helpless in their studies. I think that many students assume Tyndale to be like any other secular educational institution. However, our faculty, staff and students have all declared a statement of faith. We are not strangers, but brothers and sisters in Christ who has brought us together. As SVP of Operations, I hope to make Tyndale a space where people are not just learning about theology but see it lived out amongst their peers.

SVP Operations - Marlene Henry

My name is Marlene Henry I am seeking student elect position of Student Council Vice President of Operations (SVP) position. I am an MTS, Christian Education second year student that is a compassionate servant leader with exceptional community and engagement skills. As a member of the Student Council, my endeavor is to make a difference here at Tyndale in promoting more initiatives that would encourage and support our learning spaces to reflect a spirit of Care, Hospitality, and Community between our student body, the faculty, and the administration. In alignment with Tyndale’s mission statement promoting a spirit of excellence to theological enhancement and exploration, I also envision our Student Council team serving the Tyndale community through the same holistic model of Care, Hospitality, and Community.

SVP Administration and Finance - Christie Chan

My name is Christie Chan and I am currently a first year student in the Masters of Divinity program, majoring in Youth and Family Ministry. I am running for the position of TUSSA's SVP Finance and Administration. Although I have only been at Tyndale for six months, it has been an amazing new experience for me as a student and a member of this community. I have experienced God’s love through my interactions with the faculty, student council members, and Tyndale students. With these experiences, I would like to be a part of the process in the coming year.

As the SVP of Finance and Administration, I will be responsible for using Tyndale's resources to serve this community. This means that there will be transparency, financial accountability to the student body and my commitment to assist you to the best of my abilities along with the other TUSSA council members.

VP Communications - Daisey Lin

Hello! My name is Daisey and I am a first-year MDiv Interdisciplinary student. I am running for VP Communications because I want to foster a community that fully embodies the diversity of our school while uniting us all in our common interest of pursuing Christ. I believe in the potential for meaningful, Christ-centered relationships to form regardless of individuals’ different circumstances and stages of life. I also believe in the power of connectedness and communication to enable us to support one another over the course of our time here at Tyndale. Through working with TUSSA, I hope to help build a stronger community at Tyndale, establish accessible platforms for students to express themselves and have their voices heard, and connect students both on and off campus with each other. I believe that we can make Tyndale a place where we can humbly serve one another, and I would love your support in achieving these goals.

VP Intercultural Affairs - Zoe Chan

Seminary is more than a place of study, it is holy ground to encounter Jesus in life-giving relationships. My undergraduate years were spent serving international students. Interacting with different cultures made me starkly aware of my own - fish don’t know they’re in water. There was head-butting, but also beauty when the embracing of existing cultures formed a new culture. We allowed our cultural adherence and our understanding of the gospel, to be refined by each other. At Tyndale, I hear your accents which speak of a foreign homeland, and I see your stories paint the majesty of our God. Let us look at the burning bush together; let us shape the culture of Tyndale to celebrate cultural difference. Where there is space for you to teach us your loves, where you can share your heart language with us. As the Intercultural Affairs VP, I would like to challenge the Tyndale community to give and receive hospitality from each of our different cultures. Would you entrust me with the task of representing your voice?

VP Internal Affairs - Abigaille Alpay

Hi everyone, my name is Abigaille Alpay and I am in my second year of my MDiv Clinical Counselling. I am running for the position of VP Internal Affairs and I want to help build an environment which cultivates not only academics but also community within Tyndale. I hope to develop and implement different events that will appeal and include all demographics. I'm eager to meet you all!

VP Online Students - Zohrab Sarkisian

My name is Zouhrab Sarkisian. I am in my first year - M. Div - Pastoral Studies at Tyndale Seminary. I am interested in running for the position of VP - Online Students - on the Seminary Student Council. I spent four years on the Student Council during my undergraduate studies at the American University of Beirut, working as a team with my fellow student council members to organize various projects and voicing the concerns of the student population. I look forward to working with a team of like-minded individuals on the Seminary Student Council to communicate and connect with students, contributing to the welfare of the Tyndale community at large and the student community specifically, all while putting my life for the service of my Lord Jesus Christ.

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