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Reimagining Church in the City

What does the church in the 21st century look like? As the city has expanded to include suburbs and neighbouring towns, as well as immigrants from all over the world, how does this ever-changing landscape affect how the church serves? Change is happening; churches are meeting in unexpected places—movie theatres, coffee shops—and starting up in homes, while other groups of Christians are moving into our very diverse low-income neighbourhoods following God’s leading. Many are looking for new and fresh ways to live out God’s calling in an authentic community that is changing and shaping their neighbourhood.

The Incubator

The Church in the City program will help you explore how the shape of your community shapes the health of the community. As you immerse yourself in the theology of community and place while analyzing your own situation, you will discover new ways of living out your faith in your neighbourhood. The professors will mentor you as you bring new ideas from concept to realization. You will be supported in this "incubator-type" of environment, as you gain the skills you need to reimagine what faith and church look like in your neighbourhood.

The Preparation

The courses will prepare you for ministry in today’s multifaceted city. Gain multicultural competencies so that you can navigate a city like Toronto, where over 100 languages are spoken. Continue to grow in your understanding of how poverty, compassion and social justice are affecting neighbourhoods in different ways. Be introduced to the indigenous culture and Christian faith in order to form stronger partnerships. Explore the alternative models of church, or improve your skills in church planting and starting new initiatives to transform your neighbourhood. The courses, mentorship and research will prepare you to reimagine and shape the church in the city for the 21st century.

The Church in the City program is also available in a cohort-based, in ministry format. View the Church in the City, In Ministry program

Degree & Diploma Options

Master of Divinity

Number of courses: 27
Duration: 3 Years

Concentration in Church in the City

MTS and Graduate Diploma students may use their elective courses to complete a four-course concentration in Church in the City

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Internship Requirements

An internship is required to successfully complete an MDiv in Church in the City.
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