MDiv Church in the City (In-Ministry) Internship Program

The MDiv Church in the City (In-Ministry) Internship Program is a requirement for MDiv Church in the City (In-Ministry) students to successfully graduate. It is a unique program that adapts to the specific needs of the Church in the City (In-Ministry) cohort style of learning.

This internship has different requirements and a different structure from the Tyndale Seminary Internship Program.

Internship Requirements

The Church in the City (In-Ministry) Internship Program assumes students are engaged in full-time ministry (or equivalent) and so the internship is more about reflection and discovery about self, about one's own spiritual journey and about the nature of ministry in your context.

Internship Length


This internship program runs for two years, concurrently with the rest of your course work and with all seminar days being delivered as a 6-week modular. It also incorporates a cohort model which facilitates ongoing reflection and discussion about ministry.

The students will be following through on required sessions with self-awareness counsellor, spiritual director, and mentor beginning in year one until the end of the second year.

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Current Tyndale MDiv Church in the City (In-Ministry) students can find more information, syllabi, and forms about the MDiv Church in the City (In-Ministry) Internship at

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Internship Components

 Self-Awareness Sessions

In the first year, students will engage in a process of self-awareness which will involve participating in one-on-one counselling sessions with a trained counsellor provided by Tyndale. This process will be structured around a number of self-awareness instruments and assignments that the student will complete and work through with the counsellor. The purpose of these meetings is not for therapy, but for self-awareness and all issues discussed in these meetings will be strictly confidential between the student and the counsellor.

 Spiritual Direction

During the second year of the internship, the student will be expected to work with a Spiritual Director. Arrangements for these meetings will be done in conjunction with the Tyndale Spiritual Formation Department, or with an acceptable Director in their home area. The purpose of these meetings is to build in a process of accountability and growth in the student’s spiritual life. These meetings will be of a frequency of at least one per month, as the director and directee feel is needed and may occur off campus.

 Ministry Mentoring

During the second year of the internship, the student will work with a Ministry Mentor. This person will be a ministry practitioner who is outside of the student’s current ministry context. The purpose of these meetings will be to discuss the work the student is undertaking within their church context, with particular focus on the Integration Laboratory. There will be a focus on how to integrate learning with ministry, as well as what to do with the focussed learning which the student is experiencing within the context of their Integration Laboratory.

A mentor should be a person who has been in ministry for a number of years and has had an extended period of at least 7 years in one church. This means that they have needed to work through more than one cycle of church life. A mentor is one who has exhibited skill in mission and the formation of missional leaders.