Get the small-town feel in the heart of Toronto by living on residence. Live independently within student housing without worrying about cooking your own food, cutting the lawn, maintaining a car, or how you will be able to pay the rent this month. Belong to a community you can call home.

Build Relationships

Residence will give you the opportunity to develop friendships that will grow into life-long relationships. It is also an opportunity to take on a challenge and mentor an undergraduate student, walking with them in their new university life. Tyndale is the type of community that you can call family.

Live Comfortably

Living a few minutes away from your classroom means you will have time to get ready and still be on time. Enjoy all the additional amenities such as a fitness room, lounges on every floor and the library and study centre for some quiet study and paper writing.

Everything You Need

Tyndale’s residence has everything you need with laundry facilities, a simple payment system for all your costs, and a complete meal plan. Security presence is on campus all night and through the weekend. There are always people around if you need someone to talk to.

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