Residence Events

Connecting with community is a great way to highten your expereince.  The Residence Team seeks to provide opportunities that bring residents together to connect and interact with those outside their circle of friends and to provide a vibrant community atmosphere. 

Hall Events

The RA's plan events throughout the semester that provide opporutnities for residents in their hall to build community as well as opportunities to relax and take well deserved study breaks.  Depending on the hall you could experience a spa night in the lounge, dorm vs. dorm sports night, bible studies, movie and pizzas, Funny YouTube video night, etc.  The ideas are endless and the RA's plan according to vibe of the dorm.

All Rez Events

4 smiling people, two male and two female, wearing leis and posing in front of a painted backdropOnce a semester the RA's will work with thier Hall to put on a block party for other Halls to enjoy.  They have a theme that provides the residents the opportunity to dress up and let loose.  There is great food, lots of laughs, and great community at these events.

All Rez Meetings

Three times in a semester there is a "Town Hall" meeting for the residents.  The Residence Director provides important announcements, information, and upcoming events for all residents to know.  It's also a place where residents can raise questions and concerns.  As with many events at Tyndale, it includes food and fellowship.

An enthusiastic group of dodgeball players in uniform posing in a gym, waving their hands in the airRD Dodgeball Challenge

The RD dodgeball challenge is a tradition in Tyndale residence where each dorm challenges the other until there is one left standing.  It's a great way to let off some steam, work as a team, and connect as a residence community.  Not to mention a lot of cheering.

Spontaneity in the Halls

While the Residence Team works hard to provide opportunities for residents to connect with each other, and build a healthy, vibrant community within their Halls; spontaneity is an active part of life.  Various residents start their own bible studies, organize movie nights, long talks in the lounges, board games, etc.  There is always something going on.  Residents can find solace in their rooms, the library and other study spaces for quiet concentration as needed and on study breaks find community in a variety of ways throughout the dorm.

RA Appreciation Event

A large, diverse group of young women posing together on a stage and smilingAt the end of the year each dorm gets together and reminisces about their crazy, inspirational, and hard working RA.  Don't forget about the food that everyone enjoys at these events.