Spiritual Life

Tyndale focuses on your development of your spiritual journey. Experience a multidenominational community with over 40 different denominations and over 60 ethnicities represented. Come to chapel with your fellow students, the faculty, and staff. Join a small group to study God’s Word. Pray daily with our prayer groups. Get involved in leading worship. Feed your passion for God.


There are two weekly chapels, Community Chapel on Wednesdays as well as a bi-weekly Sunday night chapel. You can also be part of the experience by joining a chapel teams, a great way to get involved and serve. Come to worship and connect with God. 

Go Deeper

Connect with some of the influential modern theologians and thinkers. Join a small group bible study with students and faculty who are passionate about studying God’s Word. Pray for each other, Canada, and the world with daily prayer meetings. Be involved and your story will become a part of Tyndale’s ongoing story.

Local Churches

Join a local congregation. Whatever denomination you come from, be it Baptist, Pentecostal, Alliance, or non-denominational, there’s a church in the area for you. Join other Tyndale students at one of the many churches in the area.

Local churches:
Bayview Glen Alliance Church
Willowdale Pentecostal Church
Wellspring Worship Centre
Peoples Church
Westminster Chapel
Wesley Chapel Free Methodist Church
First Alliance
Spring Garden Church
Blythwood Road Baptist Church
Agincourt Pentecostal Church
The Meeting House