Biblical Studies

The Biblical Studies degree engages you in rigorous in-depth study of Scripture, its major theological themes, biblical history, and scriptural context. The program is designed to teach biblical Hebrew and Greek, as well as advanced methods of Biblical interpretation. This major empowers you to be an effective, faithful reader, expositor, and interpreter of Scripture.

Holistic Approach

Our program offers the opportunity to learn both biblical languages. Greek and Hebrew give you a better understanding of the Old and New Testament as a whole. Biblical Interpretation, Elementary Greek and Hebrew, and Greek and Hebrew Exegesis courses provide a solid foundation for church ministry or for pursuing a future postgraduate degree in biblical studies.

Academic and Applied

Academic courses such as New Testament Theology and History, Old Testament Prophets, Wisdom Literature, and individual book studies of Genesis, Isaiah, and Romans, equip you with exegetical tools. You will grow to understand the meaning of the biblical text in its original social, historical, religious, and cultural contexts and seek to appropriate its message in our contemporary context. You will be able to develop curriculum and materials for preaching, personal bible study, leading bible study groups, or teaching Sunday school.

Practical Experience

You will gain practical training through internship programs for hands-on ministry experience. You may have the option of working as a Research Assistant or writing a master’s thesis in order to strengthen research, writing, and analytical skills. Upon completion of the degree you will be able to work in church settings or pursue post-graduate studies.

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“I always had a call to study at seminary, but I never had the opportunity until now. When I applied it was 2 a.m. in the morning. I had kept delaying it and I couldn’t sleep. It was a long time coming.” Simon Pan [MTS Biblical Studies]

Degree and Diploma Options


Master of Divinity

27 courses
3 years

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Master of Theological Studies

18 courses
2 years

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Graduate Diploma

9 courses
1 year

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Simon Pan [MTS Biblical Studies] had a successful career as a software consultant for over 20 years. Yet he always sensed God was leading him in a different direction. He has just completed an internship in his program and is pursuing pastoral work.