Christian Education and Formation

The Christian Education and Formation degree equips you to educate and disciple people in today’s complex world through applied and academic courses in Biblical studies, theology, education, and the social sciences. You will learn how to form Christian disciples in church ministry and other missional contexts through biblical principles, educational concepts and models from both Christian tradition and the wider discipline of educational studies.


The Christian Education and Formation major provides an interdisciplinary approach to Christian education and faith formation promoting a broad and full experience. You will learn Christian history, theological studies, biblical studies, educational studies, and spiritual formation creating a complete context from which to pastor, teach, and disciple others.

Broad Educational Base

Our experienced faculty teaches courses such as: Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Education, Human Development and Learning, Curriculum Theory, God’s Word and World: Literacy, Education & Development, Teaching as Theological Act, Children’s Ministry, and Ethnographic Research. You will study current trends in Christian education and faith formation in church ministry and other missional settings.

Community of Learning

Our program is geared towards forming the pastoral and educational leader in a supportive learning community. While subscribing to a broadly evangelical core, Tyndale goes beyond denominational beliefs by bringing together all Christians into one dynamic faith community. You will be part of a student body representing over 40 different denominations and 30 ethnic groups. Students learn best when they learn from each other, with professors as experienced guides and mentors.

Seminary classroom with students
Caleb Courtney [MTS], husband, father of four, high school teacher and worship leader, just completed the Master of Theological Studies program. He knew he could only afford a one-year leave to complete his Master’s, so he began planning a few years ago. Caleb has seen God open every door along the way.

Degree and Diploma Options


Master of Divinity

27 courses
3 years

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Master of Theological Studies

18 courses
2 years

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Graduate Diploma

9 courses
1 year

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“As believers, how do we demonstrate what it means to be human to the rest of the world?” asks Darryl. “I really feel that Tyndale Seminary prepared me to live out the answer.” Darryl Wolanski [MTS] alumnus