Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples [COUN 0651 1S]

 Course Dates: Friday June 7, 2024 to Saturday June 15, 2024
 Instructor: Dr. Herman Chow
 Course Type: Synchronous Online
 Course Syllabus (PDF)

Course Description

This course will examine emotionally focused therapy (EFT) for couples. EFT is an evidence-based, short term, experiential, and systematic model. The course will introduce the major concepts of adult love, attachment theory, and the 3 stages (and 9 steps) of EFT. There will be an emphasis on the clinical skills and interventions utilized in EFT. A variety of teaching methods will be employed: didactic teaching, case studies, videos, small group exercises and discussion, etc. Please note: this course does not lead to EFT certification but will be useful in the understanding and the application of EFT.


  • COUN 0772 Theories and Methods of Family Therapy I
  • COUN 0774 Theories and Methods of Family Therapy II

Recommended: COUN 0773 Couples Therapy: An Integrative Perspective

This synchronous course will be livestreamed on four days: Friday, June 7, Saturday, June 8, Friday, June 14, and Saturday, June 15 from 8:30 AM - 6:30 PM. 

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