Celtic Spirituality (Study Tour) [HIST 0763 / SPIR 0639 R1]

 Course Dates: Monday August 21, 2023 to Friday September 1, 2023
 Instructor: Dr. David Sherbino
 Course Type: Off Campus

Course Description

This course is an introduction to Celtic Spirituality. It will focus upon the work of St. Patrick and St. Columba, two noted individuals in the Celtic tradition. The course will explore various themes such as creation, redemption and the Trinity as expressed through a people with a holistic view of the world. The course will include a twelve-day trip to Ireland where will trace the footsteps of St. Patrick and then to Scotland to visit Iona and Holy Island, places influenced by St. Columba. In addition to the trip there will be lectures as well as daily worship in the Celtic tradition.

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This course will take place off campus.
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