Gospel, Church and Culture [MISS 0782 1A]

 Course Dates: Monday May 6, 2024 to Friday June 14, 2024
 Instructor: Dr. Wafik Wahba
 Course Type: Asynchronous Online
 Course Syllabus (PDF)

Course Description

Preparing missional leaders requires careful examination of the ideologies and cultural milieu of contemporary society. This course examines the main features of postmodern culture, the meaning of faithfulness to the gospel, the good news of God's salvation and the nature and mission of the church. The church's witness and service to the world is studied not as one of the functions of the church but as its essential nature. Missional leadership takes seriously the calling of all God's people to minister in every sphere of life as faithful witnesses to the gospel of salvation.

This is a 6-week intensive asynchronous online course.

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This is an Asynchronous Online course
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