Film and Faith: The Canadian Voice [THEO 0670]

 Course Dates: Monday June 18, 2018 to Monday July 23, 2018
 Faculty: Prof. Paul Burford
 Course Syllabus (PDF)

Course Description

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This is a film survey course, designed to educate students regarding the evolution and relevance of faith perspectives specific to Canadian film and filmmakers. Culturally significant films will be presented and discussed. These films represent both theological exploration and artistic achievement derived in a Canadian context.

The goals are to illuminate film narrative as an international art form, to educate an understanding of the methodology requisite to cinematic storytelling and film aesthetics, and to provide opportunity for students to engage in the task of personally exploring the use of film expression by telling their own faith-related story ideas.

Relevant industry-related guests will also be scheduled, via Skype or phone conferencing, to elucidate their respective roles in presented films and the methodology of the filmmaking business.

Monday & Thursday Evenings
6:30 pm - 9:20 pm

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