Spring & Summer Faculty

Robert Patterson

Dr. Robert Patterson

rpatterson [at] tyndale.ca

Rob Patterson (D.Min.) is passionately involved in research and teaching in the area of Thanatology. For many years he has been seeking means to creatively and effectively share knowledge and skills with those going through loss, grief and death. He is interested in the academic side of thanatology...

Dr. Duncan Reid

Dr. Duncan Reid

dreid [at] tyndale.ca

Dr. Duncan Reid [Wycliffe College, University of Toronto] has a particular research interest in the Synoptic Gospels and recently contributed a chapter to a forthcoming volume entitled New Studies in the Synoptic Problem. He is also a contributor of book reviews to the Toronto Journal of Theology...

Michael Seaman

Dr. Michael Seaman

michaelseaman [at] tyndale.ca

Dr. Michael Seaman is a social entrepreneur, church leader, and author who has co-founded a multi-ethnic, mixed socio-economic, decentralized, hybrid church as well as a community-driven, asset-based, collaborative-focused, domain-engaging organization that serves developing communities. He is...

Adrianne Sequeira

Ms Adrianne Sequeira

asequeira [at] tyndale.ca

Adrianne is a Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Psychoanalyst and Registered Nurse, with specialization in psychiatric/mental health and addictions. She is EMDR trained, has done an Externship in Emotion Focused Therapy (ICEEFT), a Certificate in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), and an...

Victor Shepherd

Dr. Victor Shepherd

vshepherd [at] tyndale.ca

Dr. Shepherd is Professor Emeritus of Theology specialising in Systematic Theology, Reformation Studies, Historical Theology, John Wesley, Philosophy and Jewish-Christian Relations. He is also Adjunct Professor at Trinity College and Wycliffe College, University of Toronto where he supervises...

David Sherbino

Dr. David Sherbino

dsherb [at] tyndale.ca

Dr. Sherbino has been a faculty member at Tyndale Seminary since 1987, serving previously as Chair of the Pastoral Ministries Department, Coordinator of the Worship and Liturgy program and Dean of the Chapel. He is presently coordinating the master’s program in Spiritual Formation and the...

Yau Man Siew

Dr. Yau Man Siew

ysiew [at] tyndale.ca

Dr. Siew taught at Singapore Bible College & Seminary from 1994-2000 and has been part of the Tyndale Seminary faculty since 2001. Full Biographical and Publication Details Dr. Siew is teaching a course on Learning to Teach; Teaching to Disciple in Spring & Summer 2023.

Jonathan Thompson

Dr. Jonathan Thompson

jthompson [at] tyndale.ca

Dr. Thompson is currently the Senior Pastor at Sanctus Church (formerly C4 Church).  He began at C4 Church in 1998, having established a youth and young adult ministry and then transitioned into the role of Senior Pastor in 2005. His dissertation is entitled: Releasing Prayer: A Biblical,...

Wafik Wahba

Dr. Wafik Wahba

wwahba [at] tyndale.ca

Dr. Wahba first came to Tyndale as adjunct professor of theology in 1998, having previously taught contextualized theology at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo, Egypt, as well as having pastored churches in Chicago and Toronto. He has taught theology and intercultural studies in the...

Janet Warren

Dr. Janet Warren

jwarren [at] tyndale.ca

Janet Warren works as a Family Physician and as an independent scholar in theology. Her medical practice has included extensive experience in mental health care and psychotherapy. She has taught theology courses on the Integration of Psychology and Theology, Ministry Research Methods, and Current...