Seminary Syllabi

Syllabi are posted as soon as they are available. These syllabi are not final, and some will be updated as needed. For course schedule, please check with the Office of the Registrar or the MyTyndale resource page.

Syllabi are in PDF format. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the files.

PDF Syllabus for Wisdom Literature

OLDT 0513 | Wisdom Literature

Section 1
Dr. Barbara Leung Lai | Winter 2013
View PDF Syllabus for Wisdom Literature
PDF Syllabus for Psalms

OLDT 0618 | Psalms

Section 1
Dr. Rebecca Idestrom | Winter 2013
View PDF Syllabus for Psalms
PDF Syllabus for Spiritual Formation

SPIR 0700 | Spiritual Formation

Section 1
Dr. Jeff Loach and Dr. Barbara Haycraft | Winter 2013
View PDF Syllabus for Spiritual Formation