Debbie Laginskie


Debbie LaginskieDebbie has a certificate in Spiritual Direction from Tyndale Seminary and has completed her Masters of Theological Studies.

She is the Community Care Pastor at her local church in Waterloo. She is married, a mother of three adult children and a grandmother to five. She loves people and finds great joy in being part of others developing intimacy and freedom with Jesus Christ.

She is a nurturer – which (in her mind) is a strong component of spiritual direction. As a type of midwife, she will come alongside you to give attention to the movement of God in your life, keeping you company as God births His transformative works in you. You will grow in your knowledge of God and of yourself…not only for your own good but for the good of others and for the glory of God.

The session is an unhurried, contemplative space. It may include conversation, silence, readings, creative reflections and prayers. There is no set program or procedure; rather, we are aware that we are in God’s presence, trusting in the Holy Spirit’s leading.

Regular meeting times are determined individually.

You can contact Debbie at debbielaginskie [at] rogers [dot] com or call 519-568-9990

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