Don Craw

Bachelor of Arts - Economics/Finance (York University, 1971), Masters of Divinity - Pastoral (Ontario Theological Seminary [Tyndale], 1998)

Don CrawThe journey to become more like Christ progresses through prayer and a person’s desire for Christ to be the guiding force in their words, decisions and actions.  Spiritual Direction provides a refreshing, safe place in one’s journey for encouragement, stillness and contemplation. Don enjoys helping others grow in their relationship with God by offering support, encouragement and a listening ear in their walk with God. 

As a companion for the journey, Don’s diversity of experience can help you discern your next step in your relationship with Christ and what questions need to be asked to determine a way forward. Having spent 27 years as a banker, financial broker and entrepreneur, Don entered the pastoral ministry in 1998. His ministry experience includes small groups, discipleship, pastoral care, leadership development and church planting.  

Over the past 10 years, Don as a pastor/coach has provided leadership to four churches in need of reconciliation and regaining a Christ-centered focus within their fellowship, vision and ministry to their community.

In his current work with churches and toward becoming a certified spiritual director, Don has initiated and facilitated workshops and retreats aimed at helping individuals/groups discover how to utilize spiritual disciplines at home and at work.

You can contact Don at dscraw [at] yahoo [dot] com.

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