Duncan Westwood

Duncan WestwoodM.A., Ph.D., C.S.D., C.S.D.S.

I was born and raised in the U.K. and came to Christ during my first year at University.  InterVarsity Christian Fellowship became my spiritual home and I quickly found myself dipping into all of  Richard Foster’s Six Streams of Living Water: Contemplative, Holiness, Charismatic, Social Justice, Evangelical and Incarnational as reflected by members of the fellowship. Prior to graduation God called me to the mission field where I met a Chinese Jesuit who introduced me to Spiritual Direction. More importantly, I was also introduced to my wife, Olwyn who was born in Northern Ireland; she was four years old when the family moved to Canada. We have two sons and four grandchildren. After thirteen wonderful years on the mission field we returned to Canada and then embarked on seven wonderful years of learning the Art of Spiritual Direction.

The Biblical Basis of my Soul and Spiritual Direction Practice is The Greatest Commandment and The Great Commission which compels me to Love the Trinity, Love Myself & Family and Love our Neighbours both far and near. Thus, I have a global spiritual direction practice and welcome those who hike with the Saints and other Global Nomads overseas and who are at home, or return home to their roots.

Our third soulful family member is Nia, our Old English Sheepdog who is also a therapy dog. She looks with her ears and by her silence she acts as an agent of the Divine. She is a natural born spiritual director and healer, one who excels at helping us receive the eternal that’s waiting in each moment!

In our semi-retirement we celebrate The Celtic Way: Spiritual Direction for the Journey into Trinity Love. Please contact my wife by email olwynwestwood [at] icloud [dot] com to ask for more information and/or to schedule a first appointment.

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