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TASD Winter Retreat 2019 - Saturday February 2

9:30am - 4:30pm

Cost     $45 per person

(includes lunch & 2 coffee breaks)

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Tyndale University College and Seminary
3377 Bayview Avenue, Toronto

Deborah Smith DouglasSpeaker

Deborah Smith Douglas, Spiritual Director, Author and Retreat Leader

Deborah has degrees in literature and law. An Ignatian-trained spiritual director for over 30 years, writer, Camaldolese Benedictine oblate and member of the Episcopal Church, she has taught classes and led retreats across the United States and Britain.  Her essays and poems have been published in Weavings, Commonweal, Spiritual Life, Desert Call, The American Benedictine Review, The Christian Century, and other periodicals.

She is the author of The Praying Life: Seeking God in All Things (Morehouse 2003) and (with her husband David Douglas) the co-author of Pilgrims in the Kingdom: Travels in Christian Britain (Upper Room 2004).  

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Practical Wisdom for Spiritual Directors: Ways Old and New


This workshop takes its shape from two elements of Benedictine spirituality: focusing in the morning session on aspects of direction that partake of the Benedictine value of stability, and in the afternoon on that of balance.

From the vantage point of stability, we will examine the primary importance for us as directors of staying rooted and grounded in our own relationship with God. ("Apart from me," Jesus reminds us, "you can do nothing.") We will also revisit some of the foundational elements of the ministry of direction in the light of new insights from other disciplines, including social work, depth psychology, and pastoral counseling.

The afternoon session will explore ways to discover a dynamic balance in our work, discerning (for example) when and how we might safely depart from the rigid rules we may have learned in our training to more flexibly meet certain situations that may arise.

This session will also deal with practical considerations such as how and when one may need to end a direction relationship, how to discharge the stress and trauma we may take on, how to find supervision in isolated circumstances.

There will also be opportunities to network and share resources with fellow spiritual directors throughout the day!

For more information contact us at web [at] tasd [dot] ca.

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