Floyd Grunau

D.Min., CSD

Floyd GrunauFloyd has served as a spiritual director for men since 2006 with a focus on pastors and Christian workers. He is an ordained credentialed minister with the C&MA. Over the years, he has ministered as a pastor and chaplain in Canada and as a cross-cultural worker in Indonesia, the Philippines and Toronto.

He has an MDiv (Canadian Theological Seminary now Ambrose Seminary) and a DMin (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School).

Floyd sees spiritual direction as an experience in Christian companionship guided by the Holy Spirit to provide a safe, caring place for men who need someone else to walk with them on their soul journey with Jesus.

He seeks to listen attentively to directees in whatever part of their spiritual journey they want to share and to co-discern with them where the Spirit is at work and the next steps to take to experience Christ’s transforming grace. He desires to talk openly about matters of the heart, waiting in silence when needed and praying together.

Floyd enjoys walking with his wife Joyce, reading, singing with his guitar, sharing God’s love with others and watching God at work in his own inner life and in the lives of others. He has 3 married sons and 13 grandchildren.

Floyd offers spiritual direction by Skype or Facetime across Canada and internationally. He would consider it a great joy to accompany you on your soul journey.

You may contact Floyd at: floyd [at] grunau [dot] ca or see his website: www.souljourney.ca /
Please also see:  https://youtu.be/mrWZTNQrxwM

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