Gavin Wark

BA, DipCS, MRL, CSD (candidate)

Gavin Wark“Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in thee.” – St. Augustine

St. Augustine recognized that we were designed to live in a trusting relationship with our Maker. Jesus described this relationship as one of friendship with God – friendship on a level that Father, Son and Holy Spirit share with one another; friendship that brings vibrancy, purpose and anticipation into our everyday lives. The journey into that friendship is as unique as you are. We find our way by following the voice of our Maker.

It is a great privilege for me, to accompany people on that journey, not so much to tell them where to turn, but to discern with them how God is speaking and where God is leading. Drawing on scripture, prayer, the guidance of the Holy Spirit and appropriate use of spiritual exercises in a relationship of confidentiality and trust, my heart’s desire is to help in making your friendship with God a little more real.

My own friendship with God has been deeply enriched through my family, through 30+ years of denominational ministry, through exploring the wonders of creation in my canoe or my hiking boots, through my spiritual direction internship with Tyndale Seminary, my participation in the Renovaré Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation, and my current work with Royal City Mission in Guelph to name but a few influences.

I am happy to arrange appointments weekday mornings or evenings over the internet, or in person in the Waterloo Region or the City of Guelph.

Phone: 519-505-7805, email: gavinwark [at] gmail [dot] com

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