Heidi Konig

Heidi KonigI love to listen for God’s voice, paying attention to His presence, and find deep purpose in guiding others to experience Jesus.  I am a person of prayer with rich life experience as a ministry leader, pastor and pastor’s wife.  I have worked in small and large churches, international Bible school and conference ministry.  I know the joys and stresses involved in full-time or bi-vocational ministry, working a regular job, and being a stay-at-home mom.  I embrace a holistic approach to living well.  It is grounded in a biblical perspective, a health sciences background, and the personal experience of ministry burn-out.  This informs my practice as I meet with people one on one for soul care, lead retreats and teach workshops on spiritual formation or speak at conferences.

It is my privilege to walk alongside you in directing our attention to God’s movement in your life.  To book an appointment in Parry Sound, or a virtual/phone appointment please go to Kingfisher Spiritual Direction  I offer guided retreats, especially for people in ministry, at Kingfisher Crossing (near Parry Sound).

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