Inrani Astri

Inrani AstriCYW, BRE, MTS, CSD


TSDC- Ministry of the Solicitor General


  • ReBuild- Your house
  • Repair- Your heart
  • Restore- Your Paths
  • Raise Up- Your Foundations


In 1999 Inrani completed her CYW training. Working in various capacities including supporting individuals with behavioural, special needs, ABI and mental health case management; currently utilizing all her skills in the Correctional setting.

Exploring the world from Egypt, Ethiopia, Austria, Israel and Europe has been a tremendous blessing.

In 2006 Inrani completed her BRE and MTS with a concentration in Spiritual Formation.

In 2015 Inrani became a Chaplain at the Toronto South Detention Centre where she provides spiritual and religious care to adult men within a multidisciplinary setting.

Inrani along with her husband, kids and puppy, enjoy gardening and exploring the local history.


Inrani has a passion for: contemplative prayer, spiritual formation/growth by implementing practical Biblical tools, inner healing, healing of childhood wounds, knowing God as Father, experiencing the character of God, intimacy in relationship with God, silence, solitude and prayer as practiced in Nouwen"s "The Way of the Heart."

Please contact Inrani by email at astrinrani [at] gmail [dot] com.

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