Lina van der Wel

Bachelor of Commerce (Dalhousie University), Masters of Humanitarian Action (University of Geneva), Masters of Theological Studies (Tyndale University College & Seminary, 2014)Lina van der Wel

Everyone needs space and time to stop, rest, and clear away the clutter in the mind and heart. It is in this quiet space that God’s soft voice can be heard and you can reflect and see God working in your everyday life. Lina enjoys journeying together with others, being a listening ear and supporting you in deepening your relationship with God. Having led small groups for years, Lina has seen the growing need to walk along side people to help them take the time to stop, rest, listen and pray.

Lina has spent most of her career in marketing and communications in the different sectors in Europe and Canada. Currently she manages the marketing and communication team at Tyndale while working towards becoming a certified spiritual director. She has experienced the need herself and for many of those around her, to carve out time from a busy schedule to spend with God. It is in this time that their relationship with God can continue to grow and deepen. In her free time you will find her enjoying outdoor sports all year round.

You can reach Lina at:  lina [dot] vdwel [at] gmail [dot] com

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